Jonathan Togo Girlfriend?

"The Insider" confirms Jonathan Togo of "CSI: Miami" was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence early Saturday morning in Los Angeles.
Jonathan Togo got very angry with his Girlfriend and someone called the cops.
Authorities arrested Jonathan Togo around 2 a.m. after responding to a 911 call from his Hollywood Hills home.
What did Jonathan do to his girlfriend? Did he hit her?

asked by Abigail in Celebrity | 17755 views | 12-13-2009 at 09:23 PM

Jonathan Togo was arrested and booked for felony domestic violence in the early hours of Saturday following a bust-up with his girlfriend, according to U.S. reports.
The TV star was taken into custody after Jonathan and his unnamed girlfriend were fighting.
According to, Togo's girlfriend was injured, but did not need immediate medical assistance.
He was released later on Saturday after posting $50,000 bail.
Jonathan looks like a nice guy, I'm surprised.

answered by Logan | 12-13-2009 at 09:27 PM

In CSI: Miami, Jonathan Togo, whose full name is Jonathan Frederick Togo, shares the spotlight with veteran actor David Caruso.
What is his girlfriend's name?

answered by Cherry | 12-14-2009 at 03:51 AM

wow, Jonathan Togo let his fame go to his head and thought he could do whatever he wanted... just plain sad...I hope his girlfriend is done with him

answered by Shirley | 12-14-2009 at 03:55 AM

It is worth noting that even though Jonathan Togo was arrested for felony domestic violence, it does not necessarily mean that he will be charged with felony domestic violence. In California, a charge of felony domestic violence is largely driven by the nature and extent of the injuries to the victim.
And his girlfriend is ok.

answered by McClaude | 12-14-2009 at 03:56 AM

I'm Dave and i'm 21, and I'm sorry, but I have something to clarify. It's true that there was a fight outside Jon's house, but the girl's name is Eva Gc. they arrived with suitcases after a travel and Joaquin Phoenix had been there awhile. Joaquin insulted them, and Jonathan hit , she received a blow when she tried to separate them, but she doesn't call the police, who called was the girl of the next house. I don't think the fight was because of the girl, they were arguing about something of a recording ... I couldn't hear well. i think she isn't famous, I'm pretty sure she is a teacher of something related to sports.. i don't know why Joaquin phoenix has been reported in any publication, but I assure he was dunk and insulted them.

answered by DAVID | 01-22-2010 at 02:46 PM

people! he's married! he has married this month on the beach

answered by TANYA | 06-17-2010 at 03:34 PM

i know!!! my cousin was walking on the beach and saw the marriage! she told me it was a very very romantic wedding!!! and the csi cast was there tooooo!!!

answered by andrea | 06-17-2010 at 05:49 PM

Jonathan Togo is not married nor does he have any kids. he is no longer with that horse face, attention starved psycho brooke ruder! if you idiots have a problem with me, come and find me at wikipedia! i am not afraid of any one of you dummies!

answered by Triste Tierra | 05-01-2011 at 07:13 AM

Csi miami
I agree with you triste tierra, Jonathan Togo is 100% single with NO kids! This society is full of haters.

answered by Togo fan | 06-10-2011 at 03:18 AM

He Is Not Married!!
He was falsely accused on December of 2009 for beating her up. But he was the only one with torn pants and a black eye from the Jon Togo Arrested video on YouTube. If you see Brooke Ruder's picture on Jonathan Togo FanPop website, she looks like that chick on the commercial. Maybe it is her! Big, annoying horseteeth, that looks so fake Jonathan must have been forced to pay for them to have them surgically enhanced like Hollywood trash that she is. Her Twitter account is ebr717. She is friends with no-talent actress and media whore Olivia Munn, where they have photos of themselves on the website. Jon is single and all away from that Brooke Skank Nobody!

answered by BrookeIsASkank | 11-22-2011 at 09:47 AM

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