Fluid Now Florida Unemployment?

I have never collected benefits so let me ask you a question.
I started collecting unemployment benefits in the state of Florida in late March. I still have another 3400 to collect at $238 a week.

When my benefits run out, do i physically have to go to the fluidnow website and apply for an extension or is it automatic?

That is the address of the fluid now page for Florida Unemployment?

asked by Lenny in Personal Finance | 16572 views | 12-01-2009 at 02:56 PM

Claims for extended benefits may be filed by internet at fluid now, the url is www.fluidnow.com or you may call 800-204-2418.

You can also get their fax number & check to see what other state's unemployment benefits extensions requirements & policies are (since FL is much slower in updating) at


answered by Rebecca | 12-01-2009 at 03:01 PM

i guess iwill call the gov's office because the 800 number and web site are useless. this makes no sense. i worked for unemployment in ohio and the way florida is handling this situation is unheard of.

answered by Berta | 12-01-2009 at 03:02 PM

Are the Fluid Now Florida Unemployment phones working or not?

answered by James | 05-10-2010 at 06:11 PM

What a bunch of crap this is. First i filed on 08/03/2010. Had to appeal ..that was on 09/20/2010 ..emailed and asked what is the wait as was ruled in my favor. Was emailed back to wait 14 days. Today I tried to file and couldn't so emailed same person. Emailed me back to download and print out and fax back forms. (great if had a printer and fax machine) What bs the state of Florida is for this crap. Should have told me this 2 weeks ago instead of making me wait to tell me 2 weeks later..do these people understand that this is peoples lives they are messing with?

answered by Guest | 10-04-2010 at 08:26 PM

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