Who Will Replace Charlie Weis?

The Charlie Weis era appears to be fading into the sunset.
Charlie Weis was fired as football coach at the University of Notre Dame, ending a five-year tenure in which he won one bowl game and had a lower winning percentage than predecessors Tyrone Willingham and Bob Davie.
Who is the best canidate to replace Charlie Weis as the head coach of Notre Dame?

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According to sportingnews.com:

The top five candidates to replace Weis:
1. Brian Kelly, Cincinnati

Why it would work: He's the hottest coach in the game not named Meyer. He has won championships everywhere he has coached and has proved at Cincinnati he can win big by developing second-tier recruits. How good could it be with elite players?
2. Paul Johnson, Georgia Tech

Why it would work: If the old guard at Notre Dame really does want a return to the triple-option days of the past, here's their guy. Johnson beat BCS teams (including ND) as the Navy coach and led the nation in rushing. He now has Georgia Tech a game away from winning the ACC outright for the first time since 1990.
3. Jim Harbaugh, Stanford

Why it would work: He has the bravado and confidence of Weis but also the experience of turning around programs at Stanford and in the NCAA's lower division. But he's eventually headed to the NFL.
4.Gary Patterson, TCU

Why it would work: He has turned down jobs because of his loyalty to TCU, but a job like Notre Dame is too hard to pass up. How much better can it get at non-BCS TCU?
5. Tom Coughlin, New York Giants

Why it would work: He's a strong-willed, meticulous Irish-Catholic who rebuilt Boston College two decades ago, built an NFL franchise from scratch in the 1990s and restored another NFL power to greatness this decade. Hire him and get out of the way.

answered by Tonty | 11-30-2009 at 09:18 PM

Jon Gruden would be a good HC, I remember seeing him in a practice the year he coached the Buccaneers to the Super Bowl. ALthough I don't think it'll happen. He's retired from coaching and is now a color commentator and I think that's the way it'll stay.

Weis is someone who sucked off Tom Brady's success.

answered by Rat boy | 11-30-2009 at 09:18 PM

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