Gospel of Judas Fake?

I happened to catch a documentary about the Gospel of Judas and found it to be very interesting. It conflicted a lot with the other gospels that were chosen to be published...so I just thought about asking opinions on it.
Some consider the Gospel of Judas a fake, but how can we know?

asked by Cornie in Religion | 2972 views | 11-07-2009 at 10:29 PM

Yes, I have heard of it numerous times. It spiked my interest to the point that I sought in out in public libraries in several large cities.

I think it is a fake. It was written long after the gospels and is gnostic. The gnostics did not mind telling lies to try to spread their false doctrine. Much like trolls today do not mind lying.

answered by Guest | 11-07-2009 at 10:31 PM

Although sensationalist claims are made that the Gnostic gospels are fresh discoveries that the church doesn’t want you to know about, nothing is further from the truth. Early Christian writers, particularly Eusebius and Irenaeus, knew all about such fake epistles and gospels—falsely named for apostles, to give them credibility—and treated them with utter scorn. Read them for yourself, and you’ll immediately find the answer to why they never even came close to making the final cuts into the canon.

answered by Andrew | 11-07-2009 at 10:31 PM

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