I'm on Twitter, follow me

A new shirt for the Twitter obsessed. I'm on Twitter...follow me.

Presented in the traditional white type on black fabric styling of all great geekwear, this shirt displays the words "I'm on Twitter" on the front and "follow me" on the back. As a unique feature of this particular shirt, there is a space provided on the back of the shirt produced in "writeable flex printing" where you may scribble down your Twitter username using the marker provided with the shirt.

The "I'm on Twitter...follow me" T-Shirt is available from USD$18.90 and you can get it at MacMerc.

asked by Midsummer in Articles | 5000 views | 01-09-2008 at 09:43 PM

I want one. I have a lot of Twitter followers, I just love that website. It's so easy to share awesome stuff you find on the internet.

answered by kingToad | 01-10-2008 at 12:16 AM

Is there a similar t-shirt for Tumblr? If there was one, I'd buy it right now.

answered by ezequiel | 01-10-2008 at 12:20 AM

Nice... it could be cooler though, the design is very simple.

answered by mummy | 01-10-2008 at 01:26 PM

I don't think this will make people from the street follow you, just because they see their name on a t-shirt.
It's a cool idea none the less.

answered by sapphire | 01-10-2008 at 01:38 PM

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