Littoral Combat Ship Cost?

Everyone should understand that the current situation of these vessels costing in excess of half a billion dollars cannot continue. There are too many other needs and too little resources to pour money into the program that was designed to be affordable.
I was reading some lawmakers say the Navy must shape up management of its over-budget Littoral Combat Ship program or risk it being eliminated in the bad economy we are.
What is the exact cost of the Littoral Combat Ship?

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The ships were projected in early 2007 to cost between $300 million and $400 million.

There was initially some interest in Littoral Combat Ship as a possible candidate for future U.S. Coast Guard applications as part of the service's Integrated Deepwater System, as well as potential export opportunities. LCS will be a "small, fast, affordable ship": Speed and agility will be critical for efficient and effective conduct of the littoral missions. The LCS must be capable of operating at low speeds for littoral mission operations, transit at economical speeds, and high-speed sprints, which may be necessary to avoid/prosecute a small boat or submarine threat, conduct intercept operations over the horizon, or for insertion or extraction missions.

The Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) is being designed to achieve a different naval warfare mission than the Coast Guard multi-mission Offshore Patrol Cutter (OPC). The LCS is designed as a sprinter. It will have high speed and a short range, and will be designed to take on various naval warfare mission modules. The concept of operations for the OPC is different. It isnít a sprinter. The Deepwater system delivers speed with its off-board vehicles (armed helo, VUAVs, LRI, and SRP). The OPC needs the ability to remain on station for extended periods of time and have a greater range than the LCS. Deepwater has partnered with the Navy in regards to the LCS to share useful information, identify risk mitigations to new technology, and to ensure commonality where it is practicable and cost effective.

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