NFL Trade Rumors 2009?

The NFL's trade deadline is quickly approaching and the rumor mill is churning.
I want to know some NFL trade rumors for 2009.
What do you think about Clinton Portis to the Colts? That team can't run the ball, but has a solid passing game. Portis could provide veteran leadership while the younger backs take notes. Reminds me of when Corey Dillon escaped offensive purgatory in Cincinnati to go get the ring in New England he rightfully deserved. Portis deserves a ring he can wear at his H.O.F. enshrinement. Indy is a good match for him to finish his career.
What other trade rumors are out now?

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If rumors are to be trusted, two pretty reliable sources say the Colts have actively worked to trade for Cleveland Browns kicker returner Josh Cribbs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers linebacker Barrett Ruud. I think it is pretty safe to say that the Colts will try to do something before the deadline. The last three seasons, the Colts have made two significant trades just prior to the deadline.

Some NFL trade rumors for 2009:

* Bills wide receiver Terrell Owens Multiple sources told that the Ravens, in fact, spoke with the Bills about the possibility of trading for the former Pro Bowl wide receiver. Buffalo, however, rebuffed the inquiry and instead has been adamant that they have no interest in shipping their free-agent pickup out of town.

* Chargers LB Shawne Merriman Merriman told he's learned to accept the ugly side, a.k.a. the business side of football, and if he's traded "I'll bust my butt for them just like I do for the Chargers."

However, Merriman also admitted, in a very honest moment, that due to his groin injury "my trade value has to be down." Still, a few teams have been sniffing around.

* Browns QB Brady Quinn Would they listen to trade offers? Of course, but their phones haven't been burning up with any interest. Quinn's selling of his house had zero to do with him having any sort of inside knowledge that he would be moved. Several teams say that Cleveland has, however, has told teams they will listen to trade offers for their defensive linemen, with the exception of Shaun Rogers.

* Cardinals WR Anquan Boldin The price tag for what he wants salary-wise could preclude such a deal from happening.

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