Mike And The Mad Dog Reunion?

Is there going to be a reunion of Mike And The Mad Dog?
Think about it for a minute. Sirius is tanking, and with the economy going down the drain and Sirius being so expensive people are going to be canceling subscriptions since there is no cancellation fee.

what happens if they go under? Could Mike be waiting for the failure to come, and then bring back Mad dog?

asked by Simbia in Celebrity | 3277 views | 10-16-2009 at 03:06 PM

Multiple sources have said that Chris 'Mad Dog' Russo of SIRIUS will appear on the Mike Francesa Show on the YES Network (And WFAN) from Yankee Stadium today.
WFAN was forced to report that Mad Dog will appear on YES at 1:05pm today. WFAN lists:

'PROGRAMMING ALERT: 1:05 today---Mad Dog Christopher Russo will join Mike Francesa on the FAN live from Yankee Stadium!'

This was not their initial plan. The plan was for the two to make their appearances and then utilize clips and sound bites for 'buzz'. Not as a one day rating boost - as it will be now.

Francesa will then appear @ 6:30 p.m. on Russo's "Mad Dog Unleashed" on Sirius XM Satellite Radio.

answered by Toto | 10-16-2009 at 03:10 PM

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