Lady Gaga Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas?

In Halloween 2011, my daughter wants to be Lady Gaga because she loves her.
What are some good Lady Gaga homemade costumes ideas for kids to make?
She is famous for wearing the most outrageous outfits frequently, but I want my kid's Halloween costume to be simple and that you can easily tell it's Lady Gaga.
I'm sure a blonde wig and a big pair of sunglasses will help with the costume's look.
What are some other ideas you can give me for a homemade Lady Gaga Halloween costume?

asked by Gracie in Holidays | 2737 views | 10-28-2011 at 12:54 AM

I recommend you to watch Lady Gaga's Poker Face video, that will gives you ideas and help a lot to design your own homemade costume. She wears some really creative clothes there and they don't looks so hard to make at home.
Makeup: Red lipstick. Maybe you could do the lightning bolt on your eye with face paint.
The only thing you may have to buy (given your hair isnt blonde like Lady Gaga) is a blonde wig from a Halloween store, but those arent usually too ridiculously priced.
This youtube video shows some ideas on how to make an easy homemade Halloween costume of Lady Gaga.

answered by Nicolette | 10-28-2011 at 12:57 AM

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