Unemployment Extension November 2010?

The House of Representatives failed to pass a 90-day extension of expiring unemployment benefits on November 2010.
House Democrats lamented the measure's failure, and blasted the GOP for voting against it.

The most recent effort to renew unemployment benefits occupied weeks of the notoriously balky Senate's time and barely advanced with the required 60 votes.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi blamed Republicans in the House for blocking the extension and pledged to continue working towards a short-term extension before the current benefits expire November 30.

Opponents think the $12.5 billion required to extend the benefits through the end of February is too high a price to pay when the sum isn't offset by cuts elsewhere.

When will the current unemployment benefit extension being debated expire? Is there any chance Congress could still pass an extension?

asked by Violet in Personal Finance | 4825 views | 11-19-2010 at 12:49 AM

It will expire on November 30, 2010. Jobless benefits were extended this summer, but that measure expires Dec. 1. A bill to extend them for three more months failed to pass the House on Thursday.

The proposal to extend the benefits through February 28 fell short of the two-thirds margin needed to overcome Republican opposition, with just 258 votes in support and 154 against.

Republicans, in a replay of a dispute earlier this year, blocked the unemployment extension legislation because its $12 billion cost would be added to the government’s deficit. They demanded offsetting savings elsewhere in the budget.

Democrats sought to portray Republicans as unsympathetic to the plight of Americans still struggling to seek employment, particularly as the holiday season is set to begin. Republicans have said any extension should only be passed if the $12.5-billion price tag were offset by spending cuts on other programs.

answered by Seven | 11-19-2010 at 12:50 AM

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