Macy's One Day Sale November 2010?

I know Macy's has a one day sale every year, but I haven't been able to find out when exactly it is.
I've been told it's in November 2010 and sometimes in December too.
When is Macy's One Day Sale? I live about 3 hours away from a Macy's but I would like to go to their one day sale.
I am looking to buy an engagement ring, but want the Macy's one day sale discount. If anyone knows, that would help me a lot.

asked by Travis in Personal Finance | 6191 views | 11-16-2010 at 06:56 PM

There is a Macy's One Day Sale every month of the year. I'm sure there's going to be one in November 2010.
Be prepared for nice discounts since Christmas is almost here.

These One Day Sales last more than one day though, sometimes a weekend. The best thing to do is to look on the Macy's website and click on Catalog, then enter your zip code.

I don't know when the next one will be, but I think that November's one day sale must be close.

answered by Jenny | 11-16-2010 at 06:57 PM

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