Huguette Clark Photos?

Huguette Clark is the daughter of William Andrews Clark, and now she lives in a secret place. She is now 104 years old and she is the only living member of the Clark family.

She's always been a mystery. No one knows were Huguette Clark lives apart from her attorney and very selected friends. She's very rich, in fact she is the owner of the biggest apartment in New York City. I've read her biography and story and found it very interesting. I've never seen a photo of Huguette Clark though, maybe because she kept her photos private. Does anyone know where can I see photos of her when she was young?

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Huguette Clark has been a cause for intrigue for many historians and followers of history. She is the heiress who has a huge fortune to her name but leads an isolated and private life away from all her riches and estates.

Huguette Clark's father started to make his fortune by selling eggs for $3 a dozen to poor miners and then continued with copper mining. Clark was probably almost as rich as Rockerfeller. Huguette married when she was 24, but got soon divorced.

These photos show Huguette Clark, his father and the Clark family.
(Photos from MSNBC)

Here's Huguette with her dad:
Huguette Clark

In this photo Huguette Clark is the little girl on the right.
Huguette Clark-2

Huguette Clark-3

Huguette Clark-4

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