Plane Crash Today in Pakistan?

There was a plane crash today in Pakistan. An airliner has crashed near the Pakistani capital, Islamabad, killing all 152 people on board.

The plane, a domestic flight from Karachi operated by the private company Airblue, came down in hills just north of the city as it was about to land. The Airbus 321 broke up and caught fire after crashing into Margalla Hills.

What caused the plane to crash? Was it a plane malfunction or was it the bad weather?

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Eyewitnesses say the plane was flying at low altitude during bad weather. Rescue workers have recovered the severely burnt bodies of dozens of passengers from the wreckage.

The Airbus A321, operated by Airblue, a private aviation service, was arriving from Karachi and trying to land in Islamabad in a heavy monsoon downpour. It crashed in the nearby Margalla hills.

Television footage of the fiery crash site showed fog and smoke rising from the mountains. Burning wreckage of the fuselage, wings and engines was scattered across the forest floor, and twisted metal parts hung from trees.

Plane Crash Pakistan

The majority of the victims were believed to be Pakistani citizens, though the U.S. Embassy in Islamabad confirmed that two Americans were among the dead. At the crash site, authorities described a scene of utter devastation, with plane wreckage and human remains scattered throughout.

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