Peggy Ference Bio & Wiki?

Peggy Ference is the first woman to play in the U.S. Open Challenge that was held on June 9. I saw it today on TV.
But who is Peggy Ference? She lost but she played well given the circumstances.
Where can I read Peggy Ference's bio or her wiki article? I searched for her name but I can't find much about her biography, or any information on wikipedia.

Please let me know where can I find more information about Peggy Ference's career.

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Peggy Ference was the first woman to play in the event since its inception three years ago. Peggy Ference, age 51, is actually still considered an amateur golfer and she is a New Jersey girl. She actually received her spot in the U.S. Open Challenge after writing an online essay. Yes, essay that is how the U.S. Open Challenge decided to find a new amateur player.
Peggy doesn't have a wiki or an official biography on the web yet.

She received 37% of the 65,000+ votes cast, sending her to play with actor Mark Wahlberg, hockey great Wayne Gretzky and NFL quarterback Drew Brees.

As the first woman to play from the new tournament tees, Peggy Ference will set the women's record - whatever she shoots.

Peggy Ference said: "I started to play golf when I was eight years old in 1966. I was living in Springfield, Ill., and my parents had joined a private country club, the Illini Country Club. To learn the basics, my mother signed us both up for a golf clinic sponsored by the YMCA. What's really interesting is that at that golf clinic, I remember using my mother's hickory-shafted clubs. My mom, who was a pretty amazing woman, managed to get a nursing degree, raise a family and even take up golf - probably back in the '50s when the LPGA was just getting started."

Picture of Peggy Ference.

Peggy Ference

Peggy shot a 118, which was good for fourth place, but she wasn't actually that far behind Brees' 102, Gretzky's 100 and Wahlberg's 97. The goal Tiger Woods set three years ago when this started is to break 100. The golfers play 18 holes and their scores are multiplied by 4, to represent a 4-day U.S. Open tournament.

Pebble Beach is tough under normal circumstances. Playing at 7,040 yards with winds at 25 mph, knee-high rough and greens rolling at a 12 on the Stimpmeter, it's virtually unplayable for anyone who's not a professional (and many who are).
Overall she did a good job.

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