GM Volt Electric Car?

How many miles per gallon will GM Volt's Electric Car get?

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General Motors said Tuesday its new Chevy Volt will get 230 miles per gallon in the city, dwarfing the current mileage leader and giving the automaker reason to crow about its strides in fuel efficiency.

GM, fresh out of bankruptcy, is looking to the Volt to highlight a parade of 25 new vehicles by 2011 aimed at stemming market-share declines and bringing the automaker back to profitability. The Volt could also give GM a much-needed makeover in terms of its reputation for lagging behind the push toward "green" technology.

Scheduled for late 2010, the Volt will be able to travel up to 40 miles on electricity from a single charge, based on testing of pre-production prototypes and extend its overall range to 300 miles or more using a flex fuel-powered engine-generator.

The small engine is only used to power the battery.

I love the new electric car.

answered by Andy | 08-11-2009 at 06:48 PM

General Motors says its new Chevrolet Volt, an electric car that operates primarily on a rechargeable battery, should get 230 miles per gallon of gasoline in city driving.

The Volt has about a 40-mile range on its electric motor and battery pack. At that point, GM says, a small internal combustion engine kicks in to generate electricity for a total range of 300 miles.

The battery pack can be recharged from a standard home outlet.

If confirmed by the EPA, the Volt's mileage would be four times that of the current champion, the Toyota Prius, and would be the first car to exceed triple-digit gas mileage, the AP says.

GM says the Volt is expected to hit showrooms late in 2010.

answered by Hillary | 08-11-2009 at 06:49 PM

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