Walter Frederick Morrison Biography, Death?

The man who invented the frisbee, Walter Fredrick Morrison, has died at the age of 90. The world found out about his death today.
Walter Frederick Morrison's son, Walt, said “old age caught up” with his father. “He was a nice guy. He helped a lot of people. He was an entrepreneur. He was always looking for something to do.” Walter Frederick Morrison's death is a great loss for the creative world.
I'm interested in Morrison's biography, how did he invented the frisbee and where did the idea come from? What inspired Walter Frederick Morrison to create his invention?
Please let me know where I can read his biography.

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Walter Fredrick Morrison's biography:

Walter Fredrick "Fred" Morrison was best known as the inventor of the Frisbee. He was born in Richfield, Utah. There is a Disc Golf course named in his honor located in Holladay, Utah.

The idea for the frisbee came about as Mr Morrison and his future wife threw cake tin bases to each other on the beach in California.
Frisbee historian Phil Kennedy says Mr Morrison got the idea from playing with a metal cake pan on the beach in California.

The inventor was constantly looking at ways to make the bases fly better and, after serving as a pilot in the Second World War, he began making them in plastic in 1948.
Morrison sold the production and manufacturing rights to his "Pluto Platter" in 1957.
Walter Frederick Morrison was not only famous for creating the Frisbee, he also created a few other toys, including a water-filled bowling set, and a battery-powered tomahawk.

So sad about his death.

Morrison is survived by three children. His family intends to hold a memorial service on Saturday at the Cowboy Corral in Utah.

Walter Frederick Morrison pictures:

Walter Frederick Morrison frisbee

Walter Frederick Morrison frisbee2

Walter Frederick Morrison frisbee3

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When the request was made for the Autobiography of Walter Frederick Morrison, the right way to respond is always to provide the book name, publisher and date of, or the weblink to the book may be found.
Now, please add that info. Your 'version' is only your quick interpretation of the AUTOBIO and does no one justice who needs additional info. Please update your comment to the question.

answered by Eric | 02-15-2011 at 08:03 PM

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