Video: Lady Gaga and Elton John Performance Video?

I thought Lady Gaga's performance at the Grammys was going to be spectacular but I never saw it coming. At the end of the song, one of Lady Gaga's back-up dancers dragged her off the stage and threw her into a "rejected bin" which erupted into flames. When she disappeared and then came back with sir Elton John... it was amazing.
Want to see the video! Youtube is erasing all the videos of Lady Gaga and Elton John claiming they are against its rules. I hate it when it does that.
The song was a fusion of Lady Gaga’s “Speechless” and Sir Elton’s “Your Song.”
Post the video please.

asked by Bernie in Music | 3078 views | 02-01-2010 at 03:24 AM

Some of the highlights of the 2010 Grammy Awards were kept secret, like the fact that Lady Gaga and Elton John will open the show. Elton customized his lyrics during their remix of 'Your Song': "How wonderful life is with Gaga in the world!" Knowing something of her narrative and Elton's it brought to mind the Rock Operas of the 70s and it was, of course, supposed to do.
I really enjoyed the performance, some are criticizing it but it couldn't have been better.

Video of Elton John and Lady Gaga's performance at the Grammys 2010.

answered by Ronnie | 02-01-2010 at 03:28 AM

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