Identify Fake Rolex?

I'm about to buy a new Rolex. This guy who sells clocks on the street showed me a really nice Rolex clock and he assures me that it is a real one. I have no idea how to tell whether a Rolex is real or fake. How can I tell, is there something printed on the clock that indicates it's an original?

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Rolex watches are probably one of the most copied watches in the world.

Probably one of the easiest ways to identify a fake Rolex is by the caseback. Counterfeiters will often use a clear display, or "skeleton" caseback, thus allowing you to view the inner workings of the watch. The problem is Rolex does not make such a watch, therefore, these models are easily identified as counterfeit.

Take a look at the second hand. Is it ticking or is it sweeping? If it’s ticking, that’s your fake. A Rolex second hand sweeps around in one continuous motion. But beware, as of 2005, the good fakes have caught up to this technology.

The crystal on authentic Rolex watches features a “Cyclops bubble” that offers 2.5 times magnification of the date. On fake Rolex watches, this bubble is often off-center or made of glass, and usually approaches only 1.5 times the magnification.

A real Rolex has a 3D hologram encoded sticker on the caseback. For models produced after 2002, a Rolex crown can be viewed on the sticker, and it changes patterns when you see it from different angles. A replica usually has a repetitious Rolex pattern printed on it, but does not change when viewed from other angles.

Tiny Crystal Crown: Only recently (after 2002), Rolex has introduced a tiny crown logo, etched onto the crystal at the area around the six o'clock direction. It is best seen with a magnifying device. Please note, this feature may not be applicable to all Rolex watches.

These are some clues to identify a fake Rolex, I hope it helps.

answered by Caesar | 08-02-2009 at 10:54 PM

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