James Gammon Cancer Death?

According to the LA Times, actor James Gammon died. His death was caused by cancer.

James Gammon may be best known for his role as Lou Brown, manager of the hapless Cleveland Indians in the 1989 comedy "Major League" and its 1994 sequel.

What type of cancer was James Gammon suffering from?

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James Gammon battled cancer two and a half years ago. It came back aggressively about a month ago in his adrenal glands and liver, according to his wife, Nancy. Unfortunately, James Gammon was too weak to do surgery or chemotherapy, so he choose to do hospice at home for his remaining days.

James Gammon stood out with key roles in many films including "Urban Cowboy," "The Milagro Beanfield War," "Leaving Normal," "Ironweed," "Silverado" and "Cold Mountain."

In his most notable television role, he played the father of Don Johnson on Nash Bridges from 1996 to 2001. Gammon also had recurring roles in The Waltons, Bagdad Café, Homefront and Middle Ages. He even made guest appearances on shows like the popular 1960s hit Gunsmoke to the now popular Grey's Anatomy.

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