Are they making all the twilight books into movies?

I've read all the Twilight books, I can't get enough of them.
I would love to see all the books made into movies!
Is this a possibility? Are they planning on doing movies with the book's story lines?

asked by Amir in Movies | 3945 views | 07-11-2009 at 01:19 AM

Summitt said they had to wait to Twilight's reaction at the box office and if it's good they're going to continue doing movies.+

I also heard that if Twilight does well at box office they will push forward on doing new moon and eclipse at same time.

answered by Karl | 07-11-2009 at 01:24 AM

The answer is yes. The lead actors signed on for three movies (Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse.) There has been talk of filming the other movies back to back like the Lord of the Rings.

answered by Ralph | 07-11-2009 at 01:26 AM

New Moon is in filming right now and they announced it on november 22nd. I think it should be coming out in 2010.

answered by Ryan | 07-11-2009 at 01:37 AM

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