Space Jams 2009 Price?

A limited number of new-model Nike Air Jordan Space Jam Retro 11 shoes go on sale today december 23 2009, been waiting for them for months. What price will these shoes have?
Nike is reissuing the Air Jordan XI (11) Retro Space Jams, which was a hot seller when it was first released in 2000. There were lots of Michael Jordan enthusiasts who were willing to line up to get them. I just want to know the price because I'll buy them today.

How much does the space jams cost?

asked by Serenity in Fashion & Accessories | 4656 views | 12-23-2009 at 12:38 PM

Christmas is coming up and Nike decided to have their new "Space Jam" Air Jordans hit shelves out one day early - - -which is today december 23 2009! The price for these shoes is $175, which is steep especially with this economy but if you are a shoe leove and love to 'space jam' then these are the shoe for everyone.

According to a Nike spokesperson, the reissue date was pushed up a day before Christmas Eve in order to let retailers close their doors early. Again the current price is anywhere from $175 in stores to $400 (or more) if you're scouring eBay.

answered by Novel | 12-23-2009 at 12:40 PM

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