Snow Storm Washington DC?

The Winter weather snow storm hit the East Coast. The National Weather Service has winter storm warnings in effect for East Coast metropolitan areas including Washington DC, Baltimore, and areas of Pennsylvania. In Washington DC 10-20 inches of snow is expected.

I got to hear that the state of Virginia declared a state of emergency in Washington DC because the winter storm dumped snow across the state. Is the snow in Washington DC expected to continue throughout next week?

asked by Peter in Weather | 4038 views | 12-19-2009 at 03:05 AM

The past 60 years have seen a steady decline in winter snow storm across the South and Mid-Atlantic. But this year the snow storm is different.
I don't think weather is going to improve next week.

The Winter storm watches and warnings extend from Georgia to Cape Cod in Massachusetts, with up to a foot of snow possible in Washington, D.C. Heavy snow is likely to affect travel along Interstate 81, with lots of snow also falling on Interstate 95.

West Virginia may see some of the biggest drifts, with meteorologists predicting over two feet, perhaps even three, in some isolated areas.
I live in Washington, D.C. and I'm a little worried about it.

answered by Rudolph | 12-19-2009 at 03:08 AM

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