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A 38-year-old former Miss Argentina died over the weekend due to complications stemming from cosmetic surgery called Gluteoplasty.
Searched for a Wiki article and there isn't one about Gluteoplasty.
The dead girl died of pulmonary embolism three days after having a gluteoplasty, what is this new technique and what is it for?

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Poor girl, she was so beautiful and had such a nice body, she didn't need a Gluteoplasty at all.

A Gluteoplasty is a procedure where you get Buttocks Implants.

Usually, butt augmentation produces permanent and satisfactory results. You may be praised and criticized, but the most important thing is to feel satisfied with your own body, to be able to wear the clothes you like, in whatever way you may want to wear them, and to like what you see when you look at yourself in the mirror.
That is the goal of surgery. If it can be achieved, as it happens in most cases, we may talk about success.

What does buttocks augmentation surgery consist of?

Silicone implants. The surgeon makes a small incision of 2 or 3 inches (5 cm or 7 cm) between the buttocks, right inside the midline. Through this incision, he makes a pocket inside each buttock and places the cohesive silicone gel implants inside each one of them. There are two possible locations for the implants, the location will be decided according to each patient's needs.
Submuscular: If you need to enhance the upper part of the buttocks and the lower part has a good volume (this is what most frequently happens), the implants will be located beneath the buttock muscle (gluteus maximus), approximately where jeans pockets would be.
Subfascial: If you need to enhance the lower part of the buttocks and the upper part has a good volume, the implants will be located between the buttock muscle and its fascia (fascia or aponeurosis is the tissue that covers the muscle).


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