Asian Carp Facts?

Federal officials are reporting that the Asian carp may have gotten past a electric barrier meant to prevent the invasive species from entering the Lake Michigan and the other Great Lakes where they could threaten the existence of the multi-billion dollar sports fishing business.
So they're invading our country.
What are Asian Carps and what are the most known facts about the species?

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Lake Michigan is one step closer to being invaded by the much feared Asian carp. Officials think the massive fish could decimate the $7 billion sport fishing industry on the Great Lakes and upset the ecosystem in the largest body of fresh water in the world.

Facts about Asian Carps:

Origin: Eurasia
Preferred habitat: Large warm-water rivers and impoundments.
Size: Commonly 24–30 inches and 3–10 pounds, but individuals of all species can reach 50+ pounds.
Method of introduction: All species were introduced from multiple pathways. Common and grass carps were introduced by government agencies; bighead and silver carps escaped from aquaculture facilities. Black carp are not established; they remain only within aquaculture facilities.

* All four of the Asian carps that are established in the United States spread quickly after introduction, became very abundant, and hurt native fishes either by damaging habitats or by consuming vast amounts of food. Common and grass carps destroy habitat and reduce water quality for native fishes by uprooting or consuming aquatic vegetation.

* Bighead and silver carps are large filter-feeders that compete with larval fishes, paddlefish, bigmouth buffalo, and freshwater mollusks (clams). In addition, boaters have been injured by silver carp because they commonly jump out of the water and into or over boats in response to outboard motors. Black carp, which consume almost exclusively mussels and snails, may further threaten our already imperiled native freshwater mussels should they become established.

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An unforeseen problem was discovered in the silver carps’ tendency to grow to a size of 18kg, and its ability to leap up to 3m into the air when startled. Nicknamed ‘flying carp’ for this activity, boaters, jet-skiers and fishermen have all encountered problems with the fish on the aforementioned rivers. In 2003 a woman on a jet-ski had her nose broken and a vertebrae cracked after colliding with a silver carp at speed.

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More info:

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Man I'm trying to do research on the molly, y'all ain't helping me at all man I'm ail now.

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The Asian Carps are very interesting fish.
My dad is a fisherman and he was obsessed with Asian Carps because they are very intelligent animals, they can do more than jump.

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