Who Is Singing And Performing At The Super Bowl 2013?

I love watching the Super Bowl, but especially because I like to see the halftime, so I would like to know who is singing and performing this 2013. Last time I loved how Madonna did it, and although it was a little controversial, she is a great singer so I really enjoyed her performance at the Super Bowl. I'm sure this 2013 someone really good will be singing there, but I don't know who. Maybe Madonna again, but two years in a row it's a little boring. Do you know who is singing and performing at the Super Bowl this 2013?

asked by Amira in Internet | 8754 views | 01-21-2013 at 01:03 PM

This 2013, Beyoncé will be singing and performing at the Super Bowl. It was a great choice, because she has talent, lots of fans and a great voice, so it will be a good competition for Madonna's show last year.
This won't be the first time Beyoncé will be performing at the Super Bowl, because in 2004 she sang the National Anthem.
This time she will be performing live for her biggest audience because on February 3, 2013 she will be singing for more than 50 million viewers.
This time who is singing and performing at the Super Bowl is a great artist, just like last year, so i'm sure she will make a beautiful spectacle.I think that maybe this 2013 will be even better than last year so we have to watch it.

answered by Madyson | 01-21-2013 at 01:04 PM

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