Sandy Hook Conspiracy Video Debunked?

I would like to watch the Sandy Hook conspiracy video debunked because I cannot believe it. I don't know if they think that the government did this or if the whole city planned something so big, but it's difficult for me to believe that Sandy Hook is a conspiracy and that's why I would like to watch this video and how this whole situation was debunked.
So many people died that I cannot believe that this is not the truth. Do you know about Sandy Hook conspiracy video debunked?

asked by Skyla in Internet | 3060 views | 01-16-2013 at 02:31 PM

The video debunks new opinions about what happened in Sandy Hook, saying that it was probably a conspiracy. I wasn't sure about all this idea and then I watched it and I'm still thinking about it. I think it's a must watch video that shows all about the Sandy Hook conspiracy and how it was debunked. I'm starting to believe that maybe this is true and that the official story is not so complete. I don't understand why this happened because it was terrible, but I recommend you to watch it and then you will realized what I'm talking about. After this, you can have your own opinion, but probably you will start to think different.
Here you have the Sandy Hook conspiracy video debunked, published on Jan 7, 2013 and with more than 8,500,00 views.

I hope you will understand a little more why people are talking about a conspiracy.

answered by Whitney | 01-16-2013 at 02:33 PM

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