Christmas Cards For Kids To Make And Print?

I have 3 kids and before Christmas we get with their cousins and we do something to decorate or gifts for the rest of the family. This year my idea was to make Christmas cards with the kids and print some draws or something like that so they can color them. We love to do all these things and they come to my house so happy that I want to do something orignal and that's why I don't want only to print things. This Christmas cards will be for all our family so if you know how can we make or print some it would be great.

asked by Sara in Holidays | 2178 views | 12-19-2012 at 02:44 PM

You have a lot of options for Christmas cards that you can make or print, but if you want to do something more original you have to use your imagination and create with your kids. If you don't want to do something normal you can print some images, color, cut and paste them in an original way to another paper. Also, you can do the cards with different shapes like socks, stars, bells or Christmas trees, color them and put some glitter. You can cut or print some smaller shapes and paste them in the front of the card. With fabric you will have a very original way of decorate if you give your kids different colors and they can cut them and create different figures like Santa, a snowman or decorate a cut paper with the shape of a Christmas ball.
Of course you can do a lot of more things because I'm sure your kids will find a lot of options for the material you have at home.

answered by Adriana | 12-19-2012 at 02:45 PM

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