New Years Eve Party Ideas 2013?

This new years eve 2013, the party is on my house and I want to make a huge one. I'll be alone at home so I'm going to invite all my friends, buy good supplies and make the best New years eve party ever!!I'm really excited about this 2013 because I want this year to end, so I would like to buy original things. I want all my friends to have the best time!!! I would like to know if you have some ideas about how to make this new years eve party unforgettable. Happy 2013 for everyone!!!

asked by Mery in Holidays | 2777 views | 12-04-2012 at 05:26 PM

I love new years parties!!!! and that's why I made a lot in my house, so I can give you some advices about how to make the best party in this 2013. First you have to think if you are going to give some food, because if this is the case you can make for example cupcakes and put candles in the top, or cheesecakes with nice decorations. If you are going to make something easy to eat you have to remember to buy some plates (and there are some great ones with new years eve decoration for this 2013)
To make your party fun, you can buy funny hats, tiaras, balloons or decorations to put all around your house and make this the perfect place to receive this new year.
If you want this 2013 to start in an original way, you should use all your imagination to make something that you've never seen in another party, like a game or a special kind of food with a good decoration. Of course the most important thing is to have great people around you, because if they are having a great time, you will have the best end of this 2012.
I' sure you will have the best new years eve party and you and your friends are going to be really happy!!!!!

answered by Emma90 | 12-04-2012 at 05:30 PM

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