Erica Mena Fights Kimbella Video?

I've heard that Erica Mena and Kimbella have been fighting on Love & Hip Hop and there's a video on the internet where you can see this fight and everyone is talking about this.
I couldn't see the uncut version on TV, so I'm looking for the unedited version online, maybe Youtube? The video where Erica Mena fights Kimbella is a little hard to find because it's happened recently so I was wondering where can I see it, but there's a lot of old videos on the internet. Does anyone know where can I watch the video where Erica Mena fights Kimbella?

asked by Jared in Television | 4817 views | 12-27-2011 at 11:02 PM

It's a shame that now every reality show on TV is showing things like the fight from the video of Erica Mena and Kimbella, which is a proof that TV is a mess nowadays. The fight between Erica Mena and Kimbella is really sad, they're women fighting in front of a huge audience and they're obviously doing it because they're trying to be more famous.
If you really want to see the video where Erica Mena fights Kimbella, there's a site that's called vibevixen and they've covered the entire fight, they published an uncut video of the entire incident there.

answered by Carly | 12-27-2011 at 11:05 PM

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