Homecoming Hairstyles For Black People?

I need advice for my hair. Homecoming is October 10th and I need a hairstyle! I am getting it professionally done and i want it basically down. my hair is curly thick and long but im gonna have her curl it with a curling iron. My neck isn't long, but it's not too short. What are the sexiest cuts for black ladies today?

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African American Hairstyles

Many people do not consider their own race when they choose a hairstyle. However, race can determine hair type and choosing a hairstyle for your hair type will help you manage it better in the long run. Below are some of the most common African American hairstyles.
Short African American Hairstyles

Short hairstyles, in general, are very popular right now. This also holds true among African American women. Although there are some women who choose to wear shorter to medium length hairstyles, there are many who opt for even shorter hairstyles than that. One short hairstyle that is very popular among African American women is the same hairstyle that Halle Berry. Of course, some women do choose longer or shorter variations of this hairstyle. If you have the right facial structure, a short African American hairstyle can look wonderful on you. Have look at some of the african american hairstyles pictures for black women.

Long African American Hair Styles

Since short hairstyles are so common among all races right now, many don't realize that there are still African American women who opt for long hairstyles. It is very common, however. In order to get the straight hair look that is popular among Caucasian women, many African American women choose to get hair relaxers. In order to get a long hairstyle, some African Americans also choose to opt for a short hairstyle and then wear it in combination with longer hair extensions. This can be very trendy. Longer African American hairstyles tend to look the best on women with round or heart shaped faces.

Tips African American Hairstyles

Never allow yourself to be a fashion slave. Don't feel pressured to wear a certain hairstyle just because it is trendy or popular.

Wear the hairstyle that you really like. Be an individual.

Do a search on the internet for finding good african american hairstyles picture and invest in hair care products and use them properly.

answered by Reo | 09-26-2009 at 09:16 PM

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