Georgina Bloomberg Photo: Horse Accident?

Georgina Bloomberg, the daughter of New York's mayor, was participating in a tournament riding a horse over a fence when, in midleap, the saddle came loose and Ms. Bloomberg fell to the ground.
Georgina Bloomberg suffered a concussion and a minor spine fracture when she tumbled from her mount Friday at the Syracuse Invitational Sporthorse Tournament.
It is the same kind of accident Christopher Reeve had, and after that he couldn't walk again.

A photo of Georgina Bloomberg.

Georgina Bloomberg mayor's daughter

How is Georgina Bloomberg doing now? Is she going to be able to walk normally again?

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Georgina Bloomberg was riding in a witch costume during the Gamblers Choice in Costume competition when "her saddle unexpectedly came loose and slipped," throwing her to the turf during a jump.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said on Monday he believes his youngest daughter Georgina will “be fine” after the awful fall from the horse in the upstate New York competition.

He said his daughter may have cracked some vertebrae. She is going to get an MRI scan.

Bloomberg did not seek medical attention Friday night, but when she awoke Saturday morning in pain, she sought medical attention at “the Syracuse hospital on the hill” above the arena.

Georgina is Bloomberg's second daughter with his ex-wife Susan Brown.

In her younger days, Georgina Bloomberg resented that people viewed her as the mayor's spoiled daughter instead of a hardworking, talented rider. With age she has learned from her father not to listen to the criticism. But she still admits she is on a mission to prove she is more than what people think.

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