Inia Boliviensis: Amazon River Dolphin?

The “Inia boliviensis,” or the Amazon river dolphin, is just one of the new 1,220 animals and plants that have been discovered in the Amazon rainforest in the last decade.
I thought that dolphin only lived in the sea, I was not aware river dolphins existed.

What is the Inia Boliviensis like? Does it look just like a regular dolphin or is it different? What does it feed on?

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Inia Boliviensis is one of the unique species discovered in the Amazon in the last decade.
The Amazon River dolphin or pink river dolphin (Inia geoffrensis) was originally discovered in the 1830s. In 2006, scientific evidence showed that the Bolivian dolphin is a separate species, and unique to that country. It differs from other Amazon river dolphins in that it has more teeth, a smaller head and a shorter but wider body. Some scientists consider the Bolivian dolphin to be a subspecies of Inia geoffrensis, while others have classified it as a wholly new species and have given it the scientific name, Inia boliviensis.

This is how the Inia Boliviensis dolphin looks like:

Inia Boliviensis river dolphin

Because they are unfused, the neck vertebrae of the Amazon river dolphin are able to turn 180 degrees. The pink dolphin lives in the freshwater of the Amazon River. This species looks like the grey dolphin, but individuals are bigger, and instead of a dorsal fin they have a hump on their back. Their tails are also bigger.

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