Shark Attack in Santa Barbara CA?

Lucas Ransom was surfing Friday morning between 50 and 100 yards offshore at Surf Beach, which is in Vandenburg Air Force Base, north of Santa Barbara CA, when the shark reared up out of the waves, pulled him under and bit off his leg.
The boy suffered a "massive wound" to his left leg and died shortly after. His friend was only two feet away during the attack.

Ransom looked at his friend a couple of feet away and said “Help me, dude,” before getting lost in the waves.

Have authorities identified the shark? What type of shark attacked this young boy?

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The sheriff's department said it will conduct a death investigation into the shark attack and that Federal and State Fish and Game officials are working to identify the type of shark — described as being 14 to 20 feet in length.

Shark experts are going to examine the remains of Mr Ransom's boogie board - which popped back up to the surface with a chunk missing, and bearing an imprint of his attacker's teeth - to confirm whether a great white was the culprit.

Lucas Ransom was enjoying the waves with his friend Matthew Garcia that morning when the shark seemed to appear out of nowhere and pulled Ransom under the water.

The Santa Barbara CA beach was immediately closed after the attack along with two others.

The horrific shark attack left the boy with a severe wound to his left leg and he died a short time later.

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