Eric Stoltz as Marty Mcfly Video?

Eric Stoltz was the original Marty Mcfly?

Back to the Future started filming with Eric Stoltz as the lead man, playing the Marty Mcfly role. But after they shot the first weeks director Robert Zemeckis didn't like how Eric Stoltz portrayed Marty Mcfly, he thought the movie wasn't funny at all. So he took the hard decision to fire Eric Stoltz and start filming everything again with Michael J. Fox.

Eric Stoltz must have felt terrible about this. Does anyone know where can I watch the video footage of Eric Stoltz playing Marty Mcfly in Back To The Future?

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It's no secret that Eric Stoltz was originally cast as Marty McFly in Back To The Future and was later replaced by Michael J. Fox. Not only was Stoltz the first choice to play McFly, but the team shot five weeks of material with him before deciding to change course and bring in some TV actor named Michael J. Fox.

Eric Stoltz wasn't funny enough for Back to the Future. His facial expressions are not so funny.
Michael J. Fox did a great job as communicating funny situations without saying a word.

The director of Back to the Future was ultimately able to convince the studio -- who said they would cancel the film if the filmmakers didn't meet their deadline -- to re-shoot the film with Michael J. Fox, who at the time was riding high on the success of "Family Ties."

Spielberg says in the clip that when he was shown some of the early footage, he agreed with Gale and Zemeckis that they weren't "getting the laughs" that they wanted to get with Stoltz as McFly, which led to what the team calls a "heartbreaking" decision.

Here's the video with some of Eric Stoltz's scenes as Marty Mcfly.

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