Mockingjay Spoilers?

Have there been any spoiler's for Mockingjay?
Mockingjay is the third book of the Hunger Games series and it came out recently, I want to know if there are any spoilers about the book?
Who does Katniss end up with in the Mockingjay? Katniss needs to be with Gale. I know there are places where it seems like she loves Peeta more, but she hints that she doesn't want Peeta to get hurt, but she would rather be with Gale.

Where can I read Mockingjay spoilers?

asked by Rock in Books & Writing | 5457 views | 08-24-2010 at 08:20 PM

I am in love with the books. I read The Hunger Games and Catching Fire in one night and I am obsessed. Will read Mockingjay in hours, I will devour it.

If you want spoilers, there is a website named Audible that provides a sneak peak of the first chapter of Mockingjay in audio format. If you want to listen to it visit's Facebook page to listen to the first chapter of Mockingjay.

Here's Suzanne Collins reading from the first chapter of Mockingjay.

Early reviewers of Mockingjay have praised the new book and called it a satisfying conclusion to a successful series.

Collins wrote recently on a Scholastic blog, "one of the most important things to me is that everyone in the world is going to be able to experience the final book of 'The Hunger Games' all at the same time, and be able to discover what happens in the book without hearing about it elsewhere first."

answered by Shonda | 08-24-2010 at 08:21 PM

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