JMU Springfest Riot 2010?

A large crowd of approximately 8,000 people near James Madison University turned into a full-scale riot Saturday April 10 2010. The JMU riot led to the arrest of several dozen party-goers.

Everything was OK and suddenly boom, riot. Nobody wanted to end the celebration in such prosaic and distasteful manner.

The crowd had gathered for the Spring Fest 2010. Every year almost four thousand students and outsiders used to attend the party. But since the party was promoted online, this year about eight thousand people had gathered at JMU.

What caused the riot? When did the party turned into a riot?

asked by Vanessa in Universities | 6891 views | 04-11-2010 at 06:46 PM

The JMU riot was a mess. Way to start spring break 2010.
According to reports a huge number of uninvited revelers came to the party to join the merriment and all were mixed with the invited students to make it nothing but a riot.

It all started late Saturday afternoon around the Forrest Hills neighborhood off Port Republic Road. City police say that several neighborhoods were having a block celebration known as "Spring Fest" that got out of hand.

Riot teams from the city, neighboring counties, and Virginia State Police were called in to break up the crowd, which is reported to have numbered in the thousands.

Police have used pepper spray and tear gas to disperse what they say was a rowdy crowd of thousands of boys.

A few dozen people were seen being arrested and several were injured by flying glass during the afternoon JMU riot. A number of fires also were started in trash bins.

Students were getting into fights with them and throwing beer bottle and debris at officers.
Police got on loud speakers to tell students to disperse or they would be arrested and charged.

answered by Lanny | 04-11-2010 at 06:53 PM

What a sad commentary!
The raw display of unruly and disgraceful behavior by a group of students who proclaim to be intelligent students at JMU is deplorable and unforgiving. What an embarrassment to the ideals and principles that JMU was founded. How can students with such promise destroy the reputation of this fine university with such inexcusable misconduct and indignant behavior? The most disturbing piece in this is how the students reacted in accord to the escalating violence and intoxicating remarks. The overindulgence of alcohol consumed by these "responsible" college students mixed with their rampant display of open defiance towards the local authorities is repulsive. As an alumni, I am ashamed of the inexplicable behavior and assume that the JMU officials will hold the students accountable, and more importantly, if guilty, relieve them as students of JMU.

answered by Guest | 04-12-2010 at 02:43 AM

Dude, SHUT UP. Most of the students there weren't even JMU students. Look at the 30 that were arrested. I'm sick and tired of everyone blaming this public drunkenness festivity on us. We are not the only college in the state of Virginia that throws these festivities. Yes, things did get out of hand but being embarrassed and ashamed of us? Just go somewhere. You're not even a duke anymore. So don't speak for us. Thanks.

answered by Guest | 04-14-2010 at 01:42 AM

Nothing says "college educated" like "Dude Shut up". And nothing shows maturity like blaming other people and saying "We aren't the only ones." I went to JMU, I live in Harrisonburg, and I am an advisor for the university. The Block Parties were cool and everything was fine until the advent of Social Media. When 8,000 people decide to get drunk and unruly it is a problem. The students need to realize that they are part of the community of Harrisonburg and need to take some responsibility. The costs of bringing in enough Law Enforcement to control the crowd is getting out of control. If it continues to be a problem there won't be a Block Party.

answered by Guest | 06-14-2010 at 02:08 PM

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