Quebec Forest Fires Map?

Some people are waking up smelling smoke in the northern parts of Canada. The smoke is coming from the massive forest fire that has been burning in Quebec.

The National Weather Service said the forest fire in Quebec is causing hazy skies with reduced visibilities across the region.
The forest fire protection agency in Quebec, SOPFEU, put a map online and stated the number of fires burning across Quebec totaled 52 this morning. Nine of these blazes are still out of control.
Where can I find the map of Quebec's forest fires?

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I heard it in the news. Wildfires raging across the south part of the Canadian province of Quebec marred views of the skyline in Quebec City and Montreal.

Smoke from the fires has begun to drift across the U.S. border, reducing visibility throughout much of New England. More than 1,200 firefighters are on-scene combating the blaze.

The overall situation has improved over the weekend, but firefighters are concerned about Wemotaci, one of the hottest spots of the province.

A fire near the reserve which was evacuated last week grew vigorously Sunday and firefighters were forced to retreat because the smoke was too dense. "It was infernal, we're up against a real monster," Sopfeu spokesman Marcel Trudel told reporters in La Tuque, noting the flames were as high as 30 metres.
I added the map link at the bottom.

Winds pushed the smoke southwest from Quebec City Sunday evening into the St. Lawrence Valley and beyond. Fire crews from the northeastern U.S. and across Canada are fighting dozens of fires in the province, several of which are still burning out of control.
If you have breathing problems, officials said it is recommended that you try to keep from being outside as the smoke comes into the region.

The National Weather Service says smoke from dozens of fires that are burning in southern Quebec had spread south and east across much of Maine and New Hampshire and northeast Vermont on Sunday. Today, the smoke could be smelled and seen all the way to Cape Cod.
Police said they were inundated with nearly 200 calls to 911 from residents concerned the smoke was the result of fires within the city.

In Quebec, thousands of people have been evacuated from their homes.
Asthmatics should also increase their medication if they feel short of breath.

To get the fire location map, visit this website.

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I found this map of the Quebec forest fires.
The little flames indicate where the fires are happening right now in Canada.

Quebec Forest Fires Map

About 1,200 firefighters are battling the flames, including 1,000 from Quebec and the remainder from the U.S. and Canadian provinces such as British Columbia.
Quebec has received about one-third as much rain in May as normal, and average temperatures have been about 2 degrees Celsius higher than usual.

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