Clarksville TN Flooding Pics?

Nashville is not the only place in Tennessee coping with flooding in the aftermath of record rainfall over the weekend. Residents of Clarksville TN which is downriver from Nashville now have new flood related woes to deal with as the Cumberland river is already 7 feet above flood level and rising.

I was wondering if there are pictures of the Clarksville TN Flooding.
I want to see the pictures because on TV they were showing a family with little children who has lost their precarious house because of the flooding in Clarksville TN and they were in a boat.

Please let me know where I can see the pictures.

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Clarksville may have historic flood levels. The main street along the river is closed and two of the three bridges between downtown Clarksville and Fort Campbell are closed by the flooding Red River.

Incredible pictures are coming out of Nashville and Middle Tennessee this morning. Floodwaters from many creeks and rivers have inundated literally thousands of homes and businesses.

The main street along the river in Clarksville is closed as well as two of the three bridges that connect Fort Campbell and Clarksville. Montgomery County, TN remains under a flood warning and area schools and Fort Campbell are closed.

Flooding along the Cumberland is expected to worsen today in Clarksville, where the river had topped flood stage Sunday night by more than eight feet.

The National Weather Service predicts the Cumberland to rise another foot, while the Red River, which meets the Cumberland just north of the downtown, crested late Sunday. Two of the city’s three bridges across the Red River were shut down early Monday afternoon, leaving State Highway 76 as the only major route to central Clarksville from Interstate 24.

Pictures of the Clarksville TN Flooding.

Clarksville TN Flooding

Clarksville TN Flooding2

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The Cumberland and Red rivers this morning reminded Clarksville they indeed have the power to strangle the city.

The Cumberland rose past 61 feet Monday, 15 feet above the flood stage of 46 feet.

Weather Service officials expect the Cumberland to crest in Clarksville at 62 feet sometime late Tuesday or early Wednesday. The river is expected to crest in Nashville later today, which means more water is coming.

Electrical outages are still happening in Clarksville, and many roads have been closed, while authorities have alerted residents not to travel or else they will be risking their lives.

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Clarksville TN officials are worried that they may find more bodies in the rising waters.
The Clarksville area is hosting a Warrior Week for the soldiers and family members stationed at Fort Campbell. Due to the flooding in the area one of the main attractions, the Military Marksmanship Competition, to be held on May 4th has been canceled as has the spouse privately owned weapons safety orientation.

answered by Mario | 05-04-2010 at 03:53 AM

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