Wizards' Gilbert Arenas Halfway House?

Washington Wizards suspended guard Gilbert Arenas avoided jail time at his sentencing Friday on felony gun charges.

judge has ordered suspended Washington Wizards star Gilbert Arenas to spend 30 days in a halfway house on gun charges stemming from a locker-room confrontation with a teammate.

Arenas, who played high school ball at Grant High in the San Fernando Valley, was also sentenced to 400 hours of community service, which cannot be conducted at basketball clinics.

What is this Halfway House thing? What does it mean for Gilbert Arenas?

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Halfway House is a recovery house or sober house, is generally to allow people to begin the process of reintegration with society, while still providing monitoring and support; this is generally believed to reduce the risk of recidivism or relapse when compared to a release directly into society. Some halfway houses are meant solely for reintegration of persons who have been recently released from prison or jail.

Gilbert Arenas, who will not serve jail time, must register as a gun offender, donate $5,000 to victims of violent crimes fund and complete 400 hours of community service. District of Columbia Superior Court Judge Robert E. Morin disclosed the sentence on Friday.

Prosecutors wanted Wizards' Gilbert Arenas to spend at least three months in jail because he initially lied about why the guns were in the locker room, tried to cover up what happened and had a prior gun conviction.

The statement from the Wizards said, among other things, "we are confident that he has learned something significant from the experience." It would be nice, if it were true. It seems like Arenas needs to learn about consequences, for his own sake.

Arenas, wearing a blue suit and yellow shirt, told the judge, that Im very sorry that all this happened.
Prosecutors claimed Arenas showed no remorse and made efforts to concoct a cover-up story to explain why he moved four firearms to his locker at the Verizon Center in Washington from his home in Virginia.

Arenas was suspended indefinitely by the NBA in January after he admitted to bringing guns from his Virginia home to the arena in Washington, D.C., a violation of the district's strict firearms laws.

He pleaded guilty to violating the city's gun laws in a Dec. 21 incident at Verizon Center. Arenas, who had had an argument with teammate Javaris Crittenton over an unpaid gambling debt, brought several guns to the Wizards' locker room. He placed them in front of Crittenton's locker with a sign telling him to "PICK 1."

Picture of Gilbert Arenas this morning in court.

Gilbert Arenas arrested

Since the incident the Wizards broke up much of the core of the team's core. Caron Butler and Brendan Haywood were traded to Dallas and Antawn Jamison was sent to Cleveland. The remaining group has lost consistently, and Saunders benched Andray Blatche from a game against Charlotte on Tuesday after they got into a spat.

Arenas made no comment leaving the courthouse, but his lawyer Ken Wainstein released a statement signaling his client considered the outcome a victory.

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