Jeremy Tyler Basketball 2010?

Former U.S. high school basketball star Jeremy Tyler quit Israeli team Maccabi Haifa and returned home Friday March 19 2010, cutting short a disappointing first pro season.

The experiment was a bust. Averaging only 7 minutes a game, a couple of points and just over one rebound per game, Jeremy has decided to return home, ending his contract with the team. The 6-foot-11 standout failed to adapt to the league, and was obviously disappointed with his lack of playing time.

What excuse did Jeremy Tyler give for quitting?

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There were certain problems on his end in Israel due to which he left two months before the season ended. Much was not known about his trip but the team owner, Jeffery Rosen stated:

“Due to personal matters, Jeremy chose to leave the team on his own will on March 18 2010 and return home to San Diego. We wish Jeremy all the best.”

Jeremy Tyler’s distress with the Maccabi team began to show when he left during half time, because he hadn’t gotten enough playing time. Tyler was mad that he was not being put on the starting line up for the team. (The dude has got to know that most professionals don’t get starting line up their first year.)

Jeremy Tyler quit high school basketball -- and obviously never went to college -- in an attempt to be the "next Brandon Jennings" (which sounds a lot better now that Jennings is a successful pro). Tyler won't have the same fate -- at least not right away, because he's already bailed on his team in Israel.

Something tells me that Tyler will be just fine, and will go on to a rewarding basketball career in the United States of America.

In the 10 games Tyler played for Haifa, the 6-foot-11 power forward averaged only 2.1 points and 1.9 rebounds in 7.6 minutes. Tyler, who reportedly earned a $140,000 salary, found it hard to adapt to the pro game and couldn't find a place in Maccabi Haifa's starting lineup.

Does this mean it's NOT a no-brainer for a star high school player to go overseas and play alongside grown men, with no concerns for their teammate's learning curve or emotional immaturity?

answered by Monica | 03-19-2010 at 05:57 PM

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