PSNH: NH Power Outages Map?

About two hundred twenty nine thousand customers of PSNH (Public Service of New Hampshire) are without power due to a severe storm.
My son who recently moved is one of them.
PSNH is a major problem to recover from this unfortunate situation according to the news.
New Hampshire is working all out to restore power to its 200,000 customers.
Estimated times of how long it will take are not currently available due to the many road closures and vast amount of damage in the area.
Is there a map of the power outages? Where can I find the NH Power Outages Map?

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Because of the widespread nature of the damage and the large number of road closures and individual troubles that will have to be addressed, restoration times are not yet available. It is clear, however, that it will take multiple days to completely recover from the storm.

Public Service of New Hampshire has opened its Emergency Operations Center and has staffed all of its regional area work centers.

Almost all the area of New Hampshire is affected by this storm and other organizations for electric supply are also reporting outage.

Customers are advised to avoid fallen or drooping power lines that may be an outcome of the storm. If anyone has information on downed trees or poles they are encouraged to inform PSNH as soon as possible.
Almost every region of New Hampshire is affected by this storm and other organizations to supply electrical energy is also reporting outages.

For Current Power Outage Information visit PSNH's twitter account.

Not sure about the map, go to and try searching for it there.

answered by Malone | 02-26-2010 at 08:12 PM

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