Kultida Woods Bio?

Today Tiger Woods gave a press conference where he apologized for all the scandal.
Woods spoke in front of a small group of associates that included his mother, Kultida, he said he was embarrassed and acknowledged that he had caused pain to his family, fans, business associates and friends.
I would like to know more of Kultida Woods, where can I read her bio?
I was told she used to be a prostitute and after her son was born she divorced her husband.
What's her age? Also what is Kultida Woods' ethnicity and nationality?
I ask because I could not find a wiki article about her.
How does she look like? Are there pictures of her? What about a photo from today?
Please point me to Kultida Woods Biography.

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When Tiger Woods ended his 14 minutes statement, then he headed straight to his mother Kultida Woods and she gave him a huge bear hug. Kultida Woods also patted him on the shoulder, which body language experts say that it implies that he did a good job. While he was reading his apology statement then she seemed embarrassed with shame also, according to the body language experts, who watched Kultida Woods's actions very closely.

Kultida Woods biography:

Kultida "Tida" Woods is of mixed ancestry: Thai, Chinese, and Dutch. She got married in 1969 in Brooklyn, New York. When Tiger was a teenager, it became known that Kultida's husband Earl Woods had an extramarital affair, which devastated their son.
Kutida was the second wife of Tiger's father.

On December 10, 2009, a neighbor of Tiger's said that Kultida Woods had been at her sons home at the time of the November 27, 2009, crash. On December 16, 2009, E! News interviewed Tiger Woods' high school girlfriend Dina Parr. In the interview, Parr said that Earl Woods was unfaithful to Kultida. She said that although Woods loved his father very much, he couldn't get over his father's infidelity.

Photo of Kultida Woods:

Kultida Woods photo

Kultida Woods is hurt and disappointed over her darling son’s actions and behavior. She is very hurt and angry over his adulterous ways. She is upset as she cannot understand how he could do this to his family, who dotes on him. At the same time, since she is his mother so it is her moral duty to stand by him and support him through his ordeal, but she needs more time to ‘work through this’, according to the New York Post.

This is what Tiger said about his mother:

"My mother recounted stories of her youth in Thailand and at age 10 [sic] took me there to see first hand the other half of my cultural heritage. I stood in awe as your vehicle drove past us when we visited the Royal palace grounds. I will never forget the day. I said to my mother, 'Some day I am going to meet the king,' and I will."

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