Can You Sneeze With Your Eyes Open?

In class today my teacher said it is impossible for anyone to sneeze with their eyes open.
We asked why and she said it's just impossible.
Thinking about it I noticed she's right, there's no way that you can keep your eyes open while you're sneezing.
Is there a reason for this? I mean, is there a scientific reason?

asked by Jake in Science | 4833 views | 07-20-2009 at 01:51 AM

Sneezing in your body's way of getting rid of an irritation in your nose. Your nose is a sensitive organ,so all sorts of things might irritate it: allergies.
Although it seems simple sneezing is quite a complicated process -there's even special part of your brain that's devoted to making a sneeze.

It is believed that some people can sneeze with their eyes open and some people canít. Sneezing is a reflex and so is closing our eyes. We have no control over whether or not we close our eyes when we sneeze. Some people donít have reflex, so when they sneeze then their eyes wonít close.

No one knows the reason you close your eyes when you sneeze. There are many possibilities. Some people think it is to protect your eyes from flying goop. Most doctors think that it is still a reflex, or we just canít help it.

answered by Anne | 07-20-2009 at 01:53 AM

Doctors say it is a medical mystery but some of them propose that we close our eyes to protect them perhaps from microorganisms and particles flying out as fast as 630 mph from our sneezes. But it could also be simply because a sneeze is a kind of body-wide reflex in which a lot of muscles contract, not just in the nose and throat but also those in the diaphragm, the abdomen, thighs, back, even sphincters, such as bending your body or pulling your hands inwards (which is why some people with stress incontinence may urinate slightly when they sneeze).

I also heard your eyes can pop out.

Still, some people can sneeze with their eyes open.

answered by Dami | 07-20-2009 at 01:55 AM

Yes you can
It's not impossible I did it about a week ago True story.

answered by Guest | 04-08-2010 at 02:07 AM

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