Susan Sarandon Pope Comments & Remarks?

There's a lot of controversy surrounding Susan Sarandon's comments about the Pope.
I heard she made remarks about the Pope that pretty much started a scandal and pretty much every Christian is mad at her.
But what were Susan Sarandon's comments exactly? What did she say about the Pope that caused such a stir?
Even my mom who is not very much of a catholic but goes to church every Sunday is mad at Susan Sarandon's remarks about the Pope.

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Susan Sarandon called Pope Benedict XVI a Nazi during a discussion session at the Hamptons Film Festival.
Those are harsh comments, especially from Susan Sarandon who says she is a Catholic girl. She even played a well known nun, Sr. Helen Prejean, in Dead Man Walking.
Catholic and Jewish groups blasted Susan Sarandon after she made those remarks about the Pope.
The Catholic League is now sounding off against the actress, calling her remark obscene and inappropriate. The remark was made on Saturday in an interview conducted by actor Bob Balaban.

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