Marie Osmond's Son: Michael Blosil's Suicide Death?

Nearly nine months after her son's tragic death by suicide, Marie Osmond is finally opening up about her loss.

Moments before her son Michael Bryan Blosil apparently leapt to his death, he text messaged a female friend to alert her to a suicide note he had left in his downtown Los Angeles apartment.

I heard Marie Osmond struggled with post-partum depression in her past, is it true?
Did her depression affected her son Michael Bryan Blosil?

What did the note said? Why did he commit suicide?

asked by Star in Music | 1834 views | 11-12-2010 at 11:04 PM

Marie Osmond's son Michael Bryan jumped to his death in February after a long battle with severe depression which prompted his admittance to a rehab facility in 2007.

He took his own life one day after a phone conversation in which he told his mother Marie Osmond he was miserable and without friends.
Like any parent of a child who has committed suicide, Osmond has been tormented by questions about what, if anything, she could have done to prevent her son's death.

Marie Osmond shot down claims the teenager was troubled because he was wrestling with the conflicts between his Mormon religion and his alleged homosexuality.

Osmond also denied that her son -- who entered a rehab at age 17 -- was under the influence when he took his life.

Michael Bryan Blosil had attempted suicide once before, while his mom was on "Dancing With the Stars" and he was in rehab, but Osmond said he'd promised he would never try again. When she saw him a month before his death, he told her he'd "never been happier."

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