M.I.A. Middle Finger at the Super Bowl Pictures?

Did everyone see M.I.A. show her middle finger in national TV last night at the 2012 Super Bowl Half Time Show? My 4 years-old sister is asking me what does that mean and my father is mad at me for letting him see that.
Where can I see pictures of M.I.A. showing the middle finger of flipping the bird as some people call it? That was uncalled for and very inappropriate. Was M.I.A. mad or something when she showed her middle finger?
If you can find pictures, please let me know because I want to show the photos to my friend.

asked by Alex in Internet | 3364 views | 02-06-2012 at 08:15 PM

Why is everybody doing such a fuzz about M.I.A. showing her middle finger? I think it was innocent and it wasn't rude or anything. Yeah, M.I.A. raised her middle finger for 15 seconds on TV, what's the big deal? If your sister ever sees even a second of Big Brother, Family Guy, or anything in Fox she'll see much worse. We're in a violent world, and TV expresses that. You don't like it? Go see Barney the dinosaur. We're in a free country, we've got free speech, and M.I.A. just used it.
She did it so fast that I don't think pictures were taken but I'm sure there's a video of it.

answered by Dustin | 02-06-2012 at 08:17 PM

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