Missing Susan Powell Body Found?

Is it true that the body of the missing girl Susan Powell was found?

The remains of a woman were found a few days ago just north of Ammon, Idaho. Since the city is less than a day's drive from West Valley City, detectives contacted authorities in Idaho.

West Valley police say their Idaho counterparts believe the remains belong to Susan Powell, the girl from Idaho who disappeared in 2007.

Was Susan Powell's body found?

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Well they initially thought the body they found was Susan Powell but after some tests they say it is not Susan.

A man, who was stranded in the remote area, began to wander, trying to gain cell phone reception. Reportedly, he walked up a hill; and as he returned to his car, he came across the badly decomposed body. The remains were found in a desolate area, but were only a few yards from a busy recreational access road.

A positive identification of the found body will take a few weeks, but they've got two other local cases of missing women from 2007 and 2001 and believe it may be one of them.

Susan Powell found

It drew the attention of West Valley police detectives who are investigating the Susan Powell disappearance. She vanished from her home nearly five months ago. But the Idaho Falls detectives say the remains appear to have been exposed to the elements a lot longer than just five months. "We've just been in contact with them by phone," said West Valley Police Captain Tom McLachlan. "As they got further into this the less it looked like the possibility that it would be Susan."

Powell, 28, was reported missing from her home on Dec. 7 under suspicious circumstances. Her husband, Josh Powell, is the only person of interest named in the case and has since moved back to his home state of Washington with his two sons.

McLachlan said West Valley City police are continuing to work on the Powell case.

Friends and family members of a missing Utah woman, Susan Powell, say the young mother was abused by her husband and question why Joshua Powell has not done more to help the investigation. Gifford said Jennifer Graves, Joshua Powell's sister, and her husband recently visited Joshua in Washington state, where he now lives, to spend time with the children. But when Graves confronted her brother about his wife's disappearance, Joshua asked her to leave his house.

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