Reebok Easytone Shoes: Review?

Found the Reebok Easytone Shoes in a magazine and they got my attention, they look very sleek.
Wondering if anyone has bought them and what they thought? Are there online reviews I can read?
Are the Easytone Shoes comfortable to wear? Do they last for years?
If you have the shoes let me know what you think.

asked by Nefertiti in Fashion & Accessories | 3613 views | 11-11-2009 at 11:49 PM

These shoes, according to the blurbs, "incorporate stability balls under the heels and forefoot to create a natural instability to force muscles to adapt and encourage toning." The email also stated that the shoes make you feel like you're walking on a soft, sandy beach, providing "28% more gluteus maximus muscle activation, and 11% more calf and hamstring activation."

I'm not sure if these shoes are meant to replace workouts or enhance workouts and I haven't tried them to see how they work.

answered by Lou | 11-11-2009 at 11:51 PM

This is my personal review.
I have a pair of these in silver Ė I got them a few months ago because my sister works at Reebok. I can definitely feel them working and I donít feel too unstable at all. Itís just enough to make your muscles work extra hard. I was disappointed by the colors that they choose though Ė they could have been cute but the white and black are the ugliest things I have ever seen.

answered by Albert | 11-11-2009 at 11:52 PM

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