Lucia Zarate Biography?

Lucia Zarate was a very small woman. She was born in Mexico weighing only eight ounces and was only seven inches in height. That's really small.
She was lighter than most house cats; hence, she is also recognized by Guinness as the lightest person who ever lived.
Where can I read her Biography? How old was Lucia Zarate when she died?

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Lucia Zarate may well be the smallest adult in recorded history. She toured with the Barnum Circus, and throughout Europe
with her family and the Mite family.

Zarate's life ended tragically in 1890 when the train she was on became stranded in the Rocky Mountains during a heavy snowstorm. The 26-year-old was exposed to cold temperatures and died of hypothermia.

Lucia was one midget who didnít need to exaggerate how small she was. Billed as
the Mexican Lilliputian, she was easily one of the tiniest people who ever lived. She was also
one of the largest drawing cards and highest paid human oddities of her time, with museums
averaging seven hundred dollars a week during her engagements. Earning as much as twenty dollars
per hour, Lucia accumulated a small fortune including enough to purchase her own ranch near
Chihuahua, in her native Mexico. Quite an accomplishment given her relatively short career.

Born in 1864, in San Carlos, Mexico, Lucia weighed eight ounces and was only seven inches
long. At the age of twelve Lucia came to the United States accompanied by her father, an
interpreter, and an attendant. By this time she reportedly weighed 5 pounds and was 20 inches
tall. Her arms were eight inches long with her waist being just fourteen inches around.

In her promotions, the famous Tom Thumb was described as being a "Giant" compared to her. One
museum even offered the prize of a diamond ring to any baby who could wear the same size ring.

This "Wonderful Mexican Pigmy" was billed as being "perfect in form and feature." Modern
writings describe her as bright, animated and intelligent. A more likely circumstance is that of
an 1890 report describing her as "wizened, wrinkled, and extremely ugly." Her mind being
"underdeveloped" and being "unable to talk except on the most ordinary topics." Close
examination of her photos reveals a very homely looking woman at best.

Luciaís career came to an end in 1890 on her way to an engagement in San Francisco. In the
mountains of the Sierra Nevada, near Truckee, California, the train she was traveling on became
stalled due to blizzards and heavy snow. It took a week for the train to be dug out, but
tragically, in the interim, the frail little woman died of exposure.

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