Rick Scott vs Alex Sink Governor Results?

So, has Florida's governor race been decided yet? What are the results?
I'm asking who won the 2010 Florida Governor race, was it Rick Scott or Alex Sink?
I heard that it is too close...possibly only a .5% and that if it is that close, they will have to do a recount. Alex Sink seems dumb but in my opinion, is the least worst of the two candidates.
I just hope Rick Scott doesn't win, he oversaw the biggest Medicaid fraud in the nation's history and it looks like people forgot about it.

asked by Elise in Politics | 2336 views | 11-03-2010 at 04:37 PM

Republican businessman Rick Scott will be Florida’s next governor after Democrat Alex Sink conceded Wednesday, it was an extremely tight race.
Scott couldn't declare an outright win until Democrat Alex Sink, Florida's chief financial officer conceded the race and congratulated Scott Wednesday morning in Tampa.

Rick Scott led by about 68,000 votes, according to the state election division, which would be more than 1% of the 5.38 million votes cast. A machine recount would be required if Rick Scott had led by one-half of a percentage point, or about 27,000 votes.

Alex Sink's concession came as raw vote totals showed her trailing Rick Scott by roughly 50,000 votes out of more than five million cast.
Alex Sink said she planned to return to private life but added, "I will continue hold the politicians in Tallahassee accountable for results."

Sink also said it was an honor and privilege to serve as the state's chief financial officer for the past four years and is grateful for all of the support she received in her campaign for governor.

answered by James | 11-03-2010 at 04:37 PM

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